C3 Teens

6th -12th Graders

C3 teens is all about building relationships.  In order to thrive in this world we need healthy relationships, with God, our family and friends. 

Our aim is to get our students to own their faith. To realize their relationship with Christ is no longer about what mom and dad believe, but instead it’s about what “I” believe.


We want to motivate our students to take personal responsibility for their spiritual health and growth, and to take seriously the Great Commission. Once they start catching on to these simple truths, they’ll naturally realize that it’s not all about “me” … and that will be a beautiful thing to watch.


Each week, students experience a combination of worship, games, a challenging message, and most importantly, interaction with a small group.

The Coastal Teens (6th-12th Grade) meets in the front lobby on Sundays during 10:00am, and Wednesdays at 7pm. 

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